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It's more than just a funeral...

Because we are more than just a funeral parlour. We are not in the business of burying people, that is just part of what we do. Our job is to provide a dignified service, that will be in the memories of your loved ones, friends and colleagues, and to ensure the protection of your assets after your departure.

Because we are more than just a funeral parlour, we are family!

And you are more than just a policy holder, that's why we have a Deluxe Plan, that will cater for your opulent preferences, and ensure that you get the top tier funeral service you deserve. 

You can choose any of our Deluxe Plans, the standard having a nice range of Casket coffins, and the Nguni Premium Deluxe consisting of a wide range of Nguni Domes, customized Casket Domes and Steel Caskets.

This is more value and more class, and the icing on the cake is the Exquisite Fleet that will travel anywhere around the country to your final resting place. Give us a call on 012 065 0228 to tailor make your Deluxe Plan

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Exquisite Fleet
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Dignified Funerals

Deluxe Plans

Our Deluxe Plans

Standard Deluxe
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Repatriation services
Deluxe C Plan
Remember your family
Premium Deluxe
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Protect your family
Nguni Premium Deluxe
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Protect your assets